Thursday, November 13

Missing Buddy

Have you seen him?

I promised to help, so I am as best I can. I've had my baby since the day he was born, I can't imagine losing him. He's my child.

Please, please, pass this on. I don't usually ask for these things, you know that, but this is important to me. Please.


Blogger Nancy said...

Holy crap, Lily...I didn't even know. This is just horrible.

No, I haven't seen him, but I will pray real, real hard for his safe return to your arms.

I'm so very sorry you're hurting.


14/11/08 4:26 AM  
Blogger Lippy said...

I'll email this around to anyone who might be in your area. Please keep us posted, ok?

23/11/08 7:10 PM  

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