Sunday, August 24

I'm Alive!!!! I SWEAR!!!

I swear I'm still here... I think... I might have lost my mind by now but I think I'm here. I think. That or the voices are talking to me again... Holy crap I need to get to bed... lol

Ever work a ten hour shift with a bunch of screaming kids and a guy that doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself? Yeah I'm having him written up and hopefully getting him fired... The guy won't leave me alone. He's mid forties and a complete pig. We just hired him, and we're just gonna fire him. He scares me. None of the girls will be alone with him, including me.


Gotta love it.

I need chocolate.


Blogger erarein63 said...

Hope things are getting for you guys. AOL is shutting down the journals, so if you are looking for me, you will find me here...

De ;)

3/10/08 9:27 AM  

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