Thursday, April 24

Bugging Out

So here's what I've been battling lately and why I haven't been on. My room happens to be in the basement. And it happens to have a large amount of bugs. House centipedes, silverfish, sowbugs, five or six kinds of spiders, a few millipedes and I've seen one dying tick.

But here's how this relates to me and my girls. We've been sleeping on the couch because of the poisons I'm having to spray. No other way around it, it's nasty and awful and well it kills the evil bugs lol I can stand a few bugs but trust me when I say this is more than a few.

So I slept on the couch last night (if you can call laying there staring at the ceiling for eight hrs sleep) and this morning after dosing I decided to go check on the kill rate. See what all had died.

And surprise surprise... Something big and black runs under a pipe that's against the wall. First thought, obviously, is omg that's the biggest bug I've ever seen!

EH..... Not quite.

It's a mouse. So I run upstairs and check the cage, all my girls are sound asleep where they should be. I run back down and it's sitting out in the light. A house mouse. Little pink nose and big ol' ears. I've lived with them before I know what they look like.

The only thing I can think is oh hell no. My dad was an exterminator for many many years so I know what this means. Unless I kill it it's going to keep coming back, especially since I can't find out how it got in.

So right now I'm mildly freaking out. I have to kill the mouse because if I don't it's most likely going to breed somewhere down there and I'm going to end up with my PETS sick from a diseased flea it carried in. But in order to kill it I have to set out something that if one of my babies got out it'd hurt it.

They're cage is great, there's no way for them to get out unless I'm just plain careless. But the fear is very much there. I don't want anything bad to happen to my babies, but that also means getting rid of the mouse that's most likely carrying disease.

I'm going to keep the girls upstairs and keep careful watch on their cage for now, but this is a nightmare to me. Not only do I have to sleep on the couch and keep THEM on the coffee table, I'm now having to do something I absolutely despise. I wish really really wish a live trap would fix this. But I've dealt with mice in the basement before and it won't.

This just genuinely sucks.


Blogger Nancy said...

OMG I definitely don't envy THIS! We are discovering a few of our own creature problems, some new to us for this area...and it's often a hard call how to deal with it.

I feel for you, friend. Maybe you should join the gang in the cage.


25/4/08 6:28 AM  
Blogger erarein63 said...

OMG girlfriend, that "room" is definitely cursed, lol. Time to move upstairs (and off the couch), at least the things that live down there DIE! OMG, then you'll probably be haunted, rotflmao! Oh I know this isn't remotely funny because I would be moving!!!! De ;)

27/4/08 11:38 PM  

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