Thursday, May 8

Holy Crap

Heyyyy did you know this thing was still here??? I didn't. lol

So... Guess I should update ya'll.

On the 6th my grandma had back surgery. Very intensive, very scary. She's fine, and going home in the morning. Tomorrow night I'll be there to help her out for a little while. Until Sun or Tue depending on how she's feeling.

I finally finished putting together an outfit for Will's graduation. My nerves about making a good impression on his mother are very very high. It's one thing to meet her when hanging around a hotel room or going out for pizza. Quite another to have to have to show her how I handle myself in a semi formal occasion. I'm SO not good at those lol But I think I'll do okay... I hope lol

STILL haven't found the charger for the camera... I'm probably going to end up using Will's the whole time lol

The leaves are sprouting out everywhere here now. It'll be in the 60's for the duration of the current forecast, 40's for the lows. We've done some work in the yard, trimmed back some seriously overgrown trees, pulled weeds, etc. Got the pool opened up but still haven't shocked it yet. Dad's waiting until he talks to the pool guy we used to rent next to.

I'm looking like a shot out of the late 60's today lol My dad, for the first time ever, made a really awesomely positive comment about my shirt lol Mumu style, vivid colors, bright orange, dark brown, white, pale avocado green, and really bright cerulean blue. I'm in love with this shirt lol It's just such a fun shirt. It's always nice when you get something you really love.

We have ants in the showroom. And they're loving biting me. I have no idea why. I'll just feel a sudden sharp stinging bite and I'll yelp. I killed about oh 500 today lol I found a cluster of them near the wall. They're coming up through the gap in the wall that we've tried to get our landlord to fix since we moved in, and he won't. He's a cheap old fart. I swear to god I hide when he comes in if I can. He's a miserable human being. Whenever he talks it's like a squeaking wheel, everything is a complaint.

Anyway, we're gonna have to buy poison and bait around the building.

I got a new credit card, 5.9% APR, no annual fee. REALLY happy about this. It was a great offer and I spent days scouring the fine print looking for the catch, and there wasn't one. I never pay attention to the mail in offers but this one will actually help me out big time. I have a lot on my current card and I need to transfer some of the balance over to something with a lower APR. (My current one is 22%, I know, ow.) Soon as I get the card in the mail I'm going to call Chase (who I have now) and see if they'll lower it. If they won't I'll just transfer whatever I can and inform them I'll be closing the account by the next month. I don't want to deal with that anymore. And of course I asked Will about it, read everything off to him, since he's my financial wizard lol If he thinks something is a good idea I know to trust him. (Stop arguing William. You're good at money, deal with it :P )

Alright I'm going to try and finish up some things on here. I'll try and get in one more entry before I leave for NY but I can't make any promises. I leave the 18th and I'll be back on the 31st in the AM.

Love ya'll, let me know how you're doing!


Blogger emmapeelDallas said...

Have fun in NY Lily, and congratulations to Will!


9/5/08 3:50 PM  
Blogger Lippy said...

From the sounds of this entry, I'd say you broke even overall. :)

Make sure you don't forget the mumu when you come to NY now, hear?

Have a great time in the City

13/5/08 5:18 PM  

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