Tuesday, April 15

Centipede FROM HELL!!!

Oh my god.

House centipedes. I don't care that they don't bite. I don't care that they kill my arch nemesis the spider.


Oh god I'm SLEEPING in the BASEMENT! Did you know they LIKE basements? Oh yes. They love basements. Full of juicy bugs for them to eat.

I'd rather have to kill ten spiders in a row than kill one more of these nasty horrid satanic looking creatures.

I don't CARE that they don't "do anything bad" I dare ANYONE to have just caught the one I did and NOT scream like a little girl!

If you have no idea what a house centipede is, look it up, I'm NOT posting a picture of one. I can't even see a picture of one. They scare the shit out of me.

I've never ever seen one of these until moving here. They were in the house in Prior Lake, we didn't have a ton of them though and it wasn't a big deal. We DID have a TON of spiders.

Our last house, not a one. Zip. Nada.

THIS house??!???!?!?!?!?

Everywhere... they're everywhere...

I just killed three today. THREE! I don't kill that many spiders in a MONTH!

Sticky paper will go everywhere, my can of Raid is my best friend, I want to bug bomb my whole room. Kill everything. The spiders, the weird non-rolypolys that are everywhere (perfectly harmless and unscary), and those damned centipedes from hell.

I HATE bugs, lets make that clear. If a spider drops down on me, I freak, but if I can see where it is, I have no issues squishing it. Beetles don't bother me.

Hell COCKROACHES don't bother me!

But these... these million legged cheetahs of the floor are killing me.

Dad had the centipede version of Mothra in a jar and came around the corner with it. I honestly had no idea I could run like that. Or scream that long.

This is not like me. I don't become a cowering squealing shrieking terrified little girl over a BUG!

But dude... DID YOU SEE THAT THING?!?!?!

My mother, who has never been afraid of any bug I have ever seen... The woman I've seen "rescue" spiders from the house and talk to centipedes in the garden?

SHE is terrified of these things too!

My dad, who was in pest control FYI, has never seen anything like these. He's not scared of them but he does admit they're creepy.

Well, yeah, he went into a flea infested home once and was attacked. Literally. He and his partner had to strip on the lawn of the house screaming.

I'm not stripping on the lawn screaming yet, but I was standing on a chair screaming over Centipedra. I have yet to have done that over a spider, mouse, or mystery bug.

But house centipedes? Oh yes... I will stand on my chair and scream.

Pass the Raid and gimme the number for a good exterminator.


Blogger emmapeelDallas said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. When I lived in Minnesota, our house was overrun with them, and I agree with you, I'll take roaches any day of the week. They are frigging CREEPY! The only place I've ever seen one in Texas was in the desert...we don't have 'em here in Dallas, thank goodness!

15/4/08 9:01 PM  
Blogger erarein63 said...

ROTFLMAO! I hate the SOBs too! You should see the scorpions out here, ugh! De ;)

18/4/08 7:20 PM  

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